Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday Jan. 28,2006
News update: Iran-Emrooz reporting from (DW) Radio germany Farsi language- Interview by Ms. Mihandokht Mesbah .

Tens of the Public Bus Co. ( Sherkat Wahed ) employees have been arrested !

Tens of the Tehran Public Bus Drivers who were following up on their syndicate demands and the release of thier leader Mr. Mansur Osanlu the president of the Syndicate workers of the Public Bus Co. ( Sherkat Wahed) were arrested last night and this morning by the security agents of the Islamic Republic.The number of the people arrested , as reported are upto hundreds.
in some cases there are family members of the employee who are also been picked up by security agents.
The protest which was set to take plce today Saturday in Tehran the capital of Iran for the demands such as the release of thier president Mr. Mansur Osanlu and thier rights was cut off by the attack of police forces. The syndicate believe that the number of the people who are arrested upto now are 750.The arrest started from last night. They have also arrested three employees wife .

Mr. Hasan Mohammadi in an interview with ( DW radio ) said:
This morning they forced us to cancel our protest . We decided to gather in region #4 , but the police forces were also thereand they have beaten and arrested our friends ! they have arrested around 200-300 people only from this region . Three women that are among the people arrested are the wife of : Mr. Mansur Hayatgheibi, Mr. Seyed Dawood Razavi and Mr. Yaghub Salimi.
Q: Why they have been arrested ?
A: Mr. Mohammadi :These friend were gathered in front of the house of Mr. Salimi to join the protest . But at night they attacked the house and arrested them while their children were sleeping.
Q: Who were these people? were they Police or Pasdar or Basij( revolutionary forces) ?
A: God, I dont know , they were in plain cloths , I do not know exactly. They have gone to one of our friends home whose name is Mr. Ata Babakhani in Islamshahr and they ruined the interior of the house . Also they have gone to the house of Mr. Yusef Moradi and they did the same. We the workers activist are under threat and are being called escapees.
Q: Where are you know?
A: Mr. Hasan Mohammadi : Right now I'm in a park in a street.
Q: Did you face any problems?
A: This morning no! We escaped from their hands and presently are staying in a park and waiting to see what will happens next.
Mr. Mohammadi : Mr. Rezaiefar and his mom were both arrested but later his mom was released. Our friends from region # 4, 5 and 6 are going to have hunger strike. Most of those arrested were brought to "Information station number# 8 in Eshrat Abad " .
Mr. Mohammadi at the end asked the people to support them for achieving their rights..............

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