Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday March 18,2006
News in Brief - Iran Emroozonline reporting :

Shireen Ebadi the Iranian Noble Peace Prize winner is threatened to death !

Ebadi: they have passed the police barrier and threw the letter of death threat in my home !
She said that she was threatened by an extremist Islamic group , she is one of the most critic figure of the current regime in present Iran . Ms. Ebadi who is a lawyer in the field of human rights told to BBC that : " On Wednesday they have threatened me to death because of the interviews and what i have said . They have said that they will kill me and notified me that this is the last warning .
She was surprised that although the police continusely gurding her home the letter was thrown in her home, " I had many letter like this in the last 6-7 years , but the important is these people have come to my home and past the police barrier , because of threat police is gurding my home and i dont know who are these people that can overcome the police barriers.
In the letter she has been called as triator to the country . The letter was signed by a group who are in fight with Bahai's .
In a letter last year Ms. Ebadi wrote to president Khatami and told him that person or persons are threatening her to stop her activities and are trying to make court case for her.
Ms. Ebadi recieved her Noble Peace Prize in 2000.She is one of the founder of the Association of Human Rights Defenders and she is an staunt defender of women's and children's rights .
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