Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday June 26,2006
News in brief- Gooya newsonline reporting from "Tabriz News" :

Save the life of this journalist!

The last breath of a journalist in a prison in "Meshkin Shahr" !
By : Payman Pakmehr

Tabriz News - Human rights section: Danger of death is threatening the life of "Mr. Amir Hosein Movahedi " journalist from "Meshkin Shahr " and his brother said: all responsibilities for any unpleasent event lies on the shoulder of the head of judiciary power and the head of Iran's prisons organization.
After a week of hunger strike and refusing to take his medication Mr." Amir Hosein Movahedi " the journalist , human rights activist and the spoksperson for the Committee of Political Prisoners Crisis in " Meshkin Shahr " prison , many times fell unconscious and now is taking the last breath .
His brother Mr. " Amin Movahedi " in speaking with Tabriz news have said : "After hunger strike by my brother in "Meshkin Shahr" prison we have learned during recent days that he have fell unconscious and his life is in great danger and while the prison and revolution's court authorities know his situation but not willing to transfer him to the hospital ". He added: " Because of him being diabetic and he has to use insulin all the time and also he has a heart condition and once in the prison he had heart attack , the doctors have less hope for him to stay alive in this condition .
Mr. Movahedi rejected that his brother did commit suicide while in prison , he said : " Those who spread these rumors have the intention that in case of any unpleasent event to present it as a suicide while in spirit he is copletely healthy and strong " .
This journalist made it clear that in case of any unpleasent event the responsibility lies on the shoulder of chief judiciary power and Iran's prisons organization , because many time we informed the prison authorities and to Mr. Heidari the prosecutor of "Meshkin Shahr" revolution's court about the worsening situation of my brother ".
Mr. Movahedi said : " Mr. Heidari the prosecutor of " Meshkin Shahr" Islamic revolution's court summoned my brother because of a complaint made by the police force of this city and sent him to prison with a bail of 20 Million Tuman ( One Canadian dollar is equal to 800 Tuman) on June 17,2006.
About the charges of Mr. "Amir hosein Movahedi" he said : My brother because of his professional work and his interview with international radio and medias particularly Radio Farda on recent protest of Meshkin Shahr people about the publication of a cartoon in "Iran" newspaper a complaint was sent by police force and he was summoned to the revolution's court.

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