Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday June 22, 2006
News update-

"Honourable Minster , Ambassadors and High commissioners , distinguished delegates, Allow me to thank you very much for the honour and privilage ........"!
Said Mortazavi proudly seated in UN and listening to these words ! ? Imagine this !? And this was supposed to be a new begining ....he ..he ?! Shame !

Link to the opening session:
Live webcast of the Human Rights Council

Said Mortazavi The interrogator and a suspect in the murder of Canadian -Iranian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi in the Evin prison in Tehran,Iran met the judiciary officials of Zimbabwe and Mauritania in the opening session of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

According to "ISNA" reporter ; Mr. Mortazavi the public prosecutor of Tehran and Mr. Jamal Karimirad the justice minister of the Islamic Republic both have met with Zimbabw's justice minister and human rights commissioner of Mauritania while participating in the opening session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva , Switzerland.

The report added : In this meeting the two delegate from Iran and Zimbabwe discussed on problems of human rights and the future work of human rights council and as well the bilateral relation between two countries.

Mr. Karimirad spoke about the doctorin of the president Ahmadinejad on human rights which is: " The talented people of all countries of the world must discuss to each other on different problems of human rights ".

In this meeting the judiciary delegate of Iran mentioned about the three decades of judiciary power's developement in Iran and announced that Iran is ready to host for the judiciary delegates from Zimbabwe and show to Zimbabwian about their experience specially on prison management.

Mr. Chiana Masa the justice minister of Zimbabwe informed about president Mugabe's near future travel to Iran. The minister who have once visited Iran said that : We are using the experience that we gained from Iran's on open prison regulation and at present we are using these regulations in our prisons. The minister of Zimbabwe and the commissioner of Mauritania also invited the Iranian minister to visit their countries.

Link for this news in Farsi:

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