Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday September 1,2006
News in brief - Iran Emroozonline :

According to Iran Emroozonline this morning hundreds of members of the victims families of mass murdering political prisoners in 1988 by the Islamic Republic of Iran have come together to the burial ground to commemorate their anniversary.
In summer of 1988 many political prisoners who were serving their prison sentences were executed after a short interrogation by a three person delegate (judge) appointed by Khomeini. The execution were carried out during night time for a few weeks and the bodies of the victimes were buried in a mass graves in a place called " Khavaran" . Upto now the names of 4000 victimes to those nights killing are being documented.
Since 1988 the regime prevented the victimes families to hold commemoration or to make a grave for their family members and there has been always clashes between the family members and the regime agents as well as arrest and detention.
In todays gathering which had started from 9:00 am more than 500 family members and political activists were attended , they have covered the ground with flowers and pictures of their dear one , the participants to this year commemoration then sing several songs .
Dr. Naser Zarafshan was also present in this gathering , the other personalities who have participated were member of the Association of Iran's Writers Mr. Ali Ashraf darvishian and prominent political activist Mr. Mohammad Ali Amoei. the participants chanted " viva Zarafshan " and " political prisoners must be released" .
At the end the regim's agents conducted searching the participants bodies and took away their cameras. In another news there has been said that some plain cloths agents have beaten and arrested few participants.

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