Tuesday, December 12, 2006

News from Iran -

Interior ministers speech in " Shiraz University " confronted with students' strong protest !

Mr. Poor-mohammadi the Islamic Republics' Interior Minister for a speech, question and answer have travelled to Shiraz University but because of students protest it ended with convulsion.
According to ILNA , this session was organized by "Association of Culture and Politics" , "Basij Student", " The Society of Islamic Students " and "Independent Islamic association of Shiraz University" with presence of SU president and other officials .
The minister was invited by pro-regime students of SU , the protest started when the host MC did not use the word " Independent " when a student from Independent Islamic Association asked question, at this moment all students by shouting " Independent " showed their protest. In another question minister said that: Report by "Basij" can be used in approval or rejection of individuals competency. This part of ministers reply again confronted by protest and many in the auditorium booed the minister .
Students were questioning minister for the expenses of his travel and they believed that the minister is here to gain more support for the next election.
Another student who said , the minister is speaking about law , i want the minister to answer based on what article of media law the student publications before printing must be reviewd ?
About students with star beside their name ( who cant enrole because of this) , minister said : Among 14000 students , 50 persons have been summoned to the deciplinary committee which is natural . At this time many students shouted : " For what crime?" which was supported by many students.

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