Wednesday, December 20, 2006

News in brief-
Roozna-Online news from "Etemad Meli newspaper"

UN general assembly is worried about the violation of human rights in Iran!
The general assembly of UN which has 192 members, in a resolution with 72 pros vote, 50 cons vote and 55 abstension vote expressed its concern on wide spread violation of human rights by the Islamic Republic in Iran .
In this resolution UN general assembly expressed its concern on matters such as persecution,bothering , intimidation, trial and punishment of groups,human rights defenders,political dissent, religious dissent, journalists, MP's, students, clergies, university professors, bloggers and members of the labor unions .
The resolution have asked Islamic Republic to respect all of the rights of human for association and freedom of expression and to end the persecution and intimidation of human rights and political activists and to stop the using torture and to respect and gurantee the legal process.
Pakistan and Zimbabwe........... were the cons to this resolution against Islamic Republic.

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