Friday, December 15, 2006

"Politechnic" University student burnt the picture of " Ahmadinejad" president of the Islamic Republic inside the university!
On Dec. 11 ,2006 , student of "Politechnic" Amirkabir University in Tehran has protested to the presence of Ahmadinejad in the university. He was invited by pro-government student organization such as "Basiji" students ( informer students )and while he was delivering his speech a sonic bomb was exploded and because of students protest and their slogans against dictatorship, presidents' voice could not be heard. Students as well burnt the picture of Ahmadinejad .
Mr. Abdollah Momeni a student leader in speaking with ILNA have said: "The undefendable internal & external policy of Ahmadinejads' government which caused problems for the iranian inside and as well brought threat against our country from foreign countries and also we have witnessed during the past year the pressure on students was intensified and their rights has been violated".
Mr. Momeni said : When students find president not honest and they have been humiliated by president, then these protests become natural .
Students protest on Dec. 11,2006 is in continuation of a series of protest which started with protest in the streets and as well in front of parliament by those students who are unable to continue their education because of the stars beside their names.

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