Wednesday, February 28, 2007

News in brief-
journalist is arrested in Orumieh city !
Ormo News( Feb. 19/07) : Mr. Esmail Javadi journalist and editorial member of Weekly " Our Future") the other day was arrested by agents of Ministry of Information in the city of Orumieh.
This arrest took place on Sunday afternoon and it seem he was arrested because of the call to Azarbayeja people to participate in a protest on Wednesday. After arrest the home of this journalist was searched by the agents and his computer together with his personal belonging, books and some of his written materials were taken away. meanwhile , Yesterday; several shop keepers along Yekanian area in Orumieh city was also arrested. The people who are arrestes are : Abolfazl Alilu , Mahram, Hossain Hossaini-kia and Jafar Hossaini-kia ( Father and son) are among those arrested.
According to news the shop of these people were searched by the agents and many of their personal belonging was taken away.There are no news about these people.

In another news ; Sunday morning ( Feb. 20/07) agents from Ministry of Information arrested Mr. Ahmad Ghoreishi while he was in his store in " Maydane Markaz- Pasazhe velayate Faghieh" in the city of Orumieh. According to witnesses; agents who were in plain cloths after searching his store , took away some of the leaflet about ( Mother tongue day) event and put handcuff on him and took him to an unknown location and his store was closed down by security officials. In recent days propaganda for "mother tongue day" gathering has been increased and leaflet could be seen in the city and among people.

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