Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Whats happening in Iran?

151 expelled teacher from Iranian Kurdistan province wrote a protest letter!

The " Kurdish human rights news agency " has published a letter with 500 signature from teachers and school principals. In the letter they protested to the expelling of 1510 teachers from Kurdistan province.
For example: 334 teacher from Sanandaj city, 281 from the city of Marivan, 230 from Baneh, 244 from Saghez and the list goes in other cities in Kurdistan.
Some of these teachers who have been expelled from the early of revolution days; together with their families are living in a harsh condition. After many years of complaining to the Islamic Republic officials and legal authorities and not receiving any responce ; now they are asking human rights organizations , international labour organization and teachers association from all over the world to support their struggle and write petition to Islamic Republic of Iran.
In this regard Radio Germany ( DW ) had an interview with Mr. Ayubi president of the Association of Expelled Teachers.
Maryam Ansari asked a few question from Mr. Ayubi :
Q-1510 teacher were expelled righter after the revolution up to now , why are you writing protest letter now?
A- Up to now we have written many letter to IR's officials ...but they diden't give us a positive responce. Every day they gave us promises and later they wrote ; it is impossible to bring you back to the job. ...Their letters are available...we wrote letter to president Khatami and to current president who was in this province , i myself and several others gave him letters and the president said he gave the letters to ministry of education and .... all response was negative. Four days ago we received a letter from presidents office, that letter had also a negative response.
Q- Negative answere to what , to teachers ....?
A- They have said: We cant return you to your job anymore. Because those ruling was legal.While in 1980 their own "commission of article 90" wrote that; expulsion from September 1980 was illegal. On this reason we believe we must return to our job . They have expelled us with complaint from a person named "Arasto Irani ", all without any trial, without defending themselves.
Q- Mr. Ayubi, does your association have any relation with other teacher who recently have had protest in front of parliament in Tehran , did you try to join a wider gathering than only Kurdish for your demand?
A- Before we had relation with those teachers association, several of those teachers have been arrested and were detained, because of this we couldent join them. Those teachers are currently working , they protested for an increase for their salary but we are expelled teachers..........
At present the expelled teachers are working in farms or construction works and electrical jobs and our life goes this way...but it is difficult , we must go back to the job that we toiled for many years and.........

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