Tuesday, March 20, 2007

News update-

About imprisoned teachers :
Mr. Poorvosugh vice president of the Association of Teachers in Iran in speaking with ILNA :
Unfortunately we do not know how many teachers have been arrested on last Wednesdays' teachers protest in front of the parliament ,but the ministry of justice have said it will release 44 detained teachers till the end of New Years holiday and upto now only five teachers out of 44 have been released. The vice president also said : The board members of the Association of Technical Teachers are all in prison and there are no news about them because they can't make telephone call to their families.
Mr. Poorvosugh reminded that : In the city of Kermanshah also 15 teachers were detained and upto today 11 of them have been released and the rest are still in prison.
The vice president of the Association of Teachers said : We do not beg for teachers release, but we remind that if the teachers are not released our colleagues might react in a way which would become harder to control and the responsibility is on those who try to suppress teachers from their freedom.

Link to the news in Farsi:

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