Sunday, April 29, 2007

Help Request from Samrand, son of Mahmood Salehi
Workers, working people, and freedom lovers:

On Monday April 23, 2007 when my mother went to visit my father at the detention centre in Sandaj-Iran, there were many of my father's fellow class members gathering there. They were bringing flowers with the hope of also visiting my father. But only my mother, aunt, and my father's lawyer were able to visit him.

My father is in a dreadful physical situation. He was even in the hospital the day before.

As all of you know, one of his kidneys does not work and the other one only works 5%. He must always do water therapy but no such treatment exists in the jail. My father does not even have a bed to rest on. This is why my father is in terrible physical crisis. And, if we do not do anything for his release there is the real possibility that he end up requiring dialysis.

I, as a son of one the worker leaders, am calling upon you-workers, working people and freedom lovers either in Iran or overseas for help in releasing my father.

Samrand Salehi
April 24, 2007

Please circulate this extremely urgent request widely.

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