Monday, April 16, 2007

Whats happening in Iran ?
Ms. Nazi Azima Radio Farda's journalist is banned to leave Iran !
Radio Free Europe: Let Radio Farda's journalist leave Iran!
Radio Farda: Dr. Jeffrey Gedmin, the head of the Radio Free Europe , Radio Liberty , has asked the Islamic Republic of Iran to let Ms. Parnaz( Nazi ) Azima who is banned from leaving Iran to leave Iran.
Backstory - On January 25 , 2007 Ms. Nazi Azima the journalist for visiting her mom ( Due to illness she was transfered to ICU) arrived in Mehrabad international Airport in Tehran and her passport was confiscated and all her efforts to get back her passport ended with no result.Ms. Azima was working for Radio Farda in Prague - Czech Republic since 1998. On Spring of 2006 she had same problem and her passport was confiscated by the airport agents for several weeks and she could not leave Iran.Ms. Azima has a dual nationality of U.S and Iran.
In an interview with Radio Farda she said:
All my effort has ended with no result and yesterday my lawyer spoke with the deputy on security and they have told me to waite.She said she has been in Iran for two times and this was her third one. She said : It is my right to return to my country and everyone has right to return to her/his country and no one must stop her except; for those who have been found guilty of charges. I dont know at all .....without any reason or problem , why they are dealing with me this way.
Link to this news in Farsi:

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