Saturday, April 28, 2007

News in brief-
The "Association of Iranian Writers" about recent oppression and narrow passes which is created by Ahmadinejad's government released a statement:
Leave the people alone !
The Association of Iranian Writers loudly says: What do you want from the life of these people? What is all these arresting , harrassing, summoning, imprisoning, torturing and bothering of people? What is these all censorship and freedom killing for? Leave the people alone!
You are silencing the independent writers who are writing just for living, loving, hoping and freedom; You are imprisoning the women activists of this country who are just demanding for their human rights; You are suppressing the workers who are just asking nothing but their violated rights; You are imprisoning the independent journalists ; You are thretening and detaining teachers who are just demanding for their human rights; You have taken away the right to wear which is the basic right of every human being : You are banning the students from their human rights to free social activities and ............
In continuation of all these oppression; You are threatening the independent publishers; You are not even leting alone the grave of all those who have fought for the freedom of this land ; You are also not leting alone the historical structures and cultural heritage of the people of Iran and the world including the collective " Pasargad " historical heritage. Why? What is all these opperession and lack of wisdom?
At the end on the occasion of May first the international labour day ; the association demanded for the immediate release of Mr. Mahmoud Salehi and other workers , teachers, students, women human rights activists , journalists and demanded for an end to oppression and summoning.
Association of Iranian Writers

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