Monday, September 03, 2007

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Stop deportation of Pejman Piran to Iran !

To: Turkish Internal Ministry
3 September 2007
We have been informed that Mr.Pejman Piran(case no. 05C00794)has been arrested by Turkish police authorities in the city of Van for unknown reasons. According to a report we have received from Turkey, Mr.Piran is about to be deported to Iran.

Mr. Piran is a well-known activist in Iran and for the International Human Right organisations as well as for NGO organisations in Iran. Mr.Piran has been protected by UNHCR office in Turkey for his well-founded fear that has been external to the refugee statuts.
We, the undersigned Associations and oraganisations, urge Rerfugee section of the Turkish Internal Ministry as well as Turkish police authorities take necessary action fo the relaese of Mr Pejman Piran and privent him to be deported to Iran. Due to his risky situation, he will face prosecution if he returns to Iran.

NGO Organsiation of Kanoon Emrooz, Brnch office in Mashad http://www.emroozngo.comNGO
Organsiation of Kanoon Emrooz, Brnch office in Tehran
NGOOrgansiation of Eshterak NGO
IranAssociation of Iranian Poltical prisonersin(in Exile)

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