Wednesday, September 12, 2007

News in brief-
Tuesday September 11, 2007

Based on the news we have received from " Gohar Dasht " prison in the city of Karaj , on Monday September 10,2007 Mr. Afshin Baimani and Mr. Behruz Javid Tehrani attended to prison's clinic due to injuries they have received as a result of torture from the agents of the Ministry of Information. While in the clinic, they have been attacked again by the clinic's supervisor and his crew and because of this bloody attack Mr. Afshin Baimani was seriousely injured from both hands which required 50 stitches. Eight hours after bleeding, the clinic staff still refused to put stitches on his wounds and returned him to the prison cell. When his situation got worse and because of the protest by other prisoners the clinic staff decided to do the stitches.They then brought him with this condition to his cell in the prison. The prison council ( Haj Ali Kazem, Ali Mohammadi, Khadem, Mohammad Moghnian and a few others ) did not end there and in an inhuman action decided to transfer him to a solitary confinement which ended to more protest by the political prisoners.
It is needed to say that, This plan was prepared for sometime ago by judge Said Mortazavi and Hassan Zare Dehnavi which then put on action by Haj Ali Kazem the chief of the prison , Ali Mohammadi his deputy , Khadem the chief security of the prison, Mohammad Moghnian the chief of the cell and Rajabali Ajir the cultural deputy. Yesterday this inhuman act was carried out in prison's clinic .
The activists of "The Human Rights and Democracy in Iran "condemns this crime and barbaric act against political prisoners in " Gohar Dasht " prison and asks all human rights organizations to respond quickly to end these type of criminal act against political prisoners in Iran and aknowledges them about the danger which threatens the lives of political prisoners in Iran and call these acts against political prisoners as a crime against humanity.

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