Friday, September 07, 2007

What is in the news in Iran?
Mr. Emad Baghi in a letter to political and reformist parties requested about their position on 41 execution in last month !
The letter was sent to the following personalities:
Ex-reformist president and head of the " Assembly of combattant clergies" honorable Mohammad Khatami
Mr. Mehdi Karubi , general secretary of the " National Trust Party"
Mr. Mohsen Mirdamadi , general secretary of the " Participation Party"
Mr. Mohammad Salamati, general secretary of the" Organization of the Mojahedin Islamic Revolution"
Mr. Gholam-hosain Karbaschi, general secretary of the " Constructive Forces Party "
Mr. Ebrahim Yazdi , general secretary of the " Freedom Movement Party "
Mr. Habibolah Payman, general secretary of the " Movement of Combatent Moslems"
Ms. Azam Taleghani , general secretary of the " The Society of Islamic Revolution Women"
Ms. Fatemeh Karubi , general secretary of the " Assembly of Islamic Women"
....... In the past days and weeks, we have witnessed horrendous tragic events which the reformists and political parties were silent about it . The tragic event is about 41 continous execution in the last month alone, including few who were saved at the execution scene. Statistics shows that the execution compare to the last years has grown one hundered per cent . Statistics based on media report shows at least 171 execution in seven months were carried on which is horrendous.This is horrendous becuse if we look at; out of 198 countries of the world , 130 country have banned the capital punishment and 90 per cent of the world execution has happened only in Iran, China , Saudi Arabia and America.However Iran is on top of the list. Isn't this a human calamity? .............
The letter has requested from these parties to pay more attention to these executions.
IRAN WATCH CANADA: It is needed to add that , These are only islamist parties that are active inside Iran and the other secular, liberal , socialists , communists , democratic and nationalists parties are banned in Iran and therefore they are only active in exile.
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