Saturday, September 08, 2007

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Human Rights advocates in Iran:

On the situation of Mr. Khalil Shalchi a senior Iranian detained in Evin prison!

According to the news from Evin prison , Mr. Khalil Shalchi who has been kept in Evin prison on accusation of being sympatizer of the Organization of Mojahedin Khalgh is seriousely ill due to his old age and illnesses which he encountered while in detention . his situation is seriouse and needs immediate attention to hospitalization.
He sufferes from the feet. His feet has been swollen in a way that he is unable to walk and do his personal tasks, he also suffer from skin deseases. The medical commission has recomended him to be transfered to an outside prison facility, but up to now nothing has been done on his situation.
The political prisoners in cell # 350 of Evin prison are worried about his situation and are demanding for his immediate release.
The human rights advocate in Iran believe that keeping Mr. Shalchi in prison is an inhuman act and it is against human right conventions and demanding for his immediate and unconditional release.
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