Thursday, September 13, 2007

News in brief-
Public execution continues as Ahmadinejad's Government decided to eradicate ??????.....what he calls the drug dealers and murderers.....perhaps among them armed political opponent.......and who knows who at this time of terror and the government of Imam Zaman ( the absent 12th imam ). Ahmadinejad and his cabinet ministers are in believe that in the worse situation Imam Zaman will appear and will save the world. Power brings ignorance and blindness until they feel the erosion of power under their feet and roof by the people power like the one in Philippines and in Iran in 1978-79.
According to "Fars" news seven people for different charges were hanged in public in the city of "Mahan".
For the record the following is the name of those seven people who have been hanged : Ali Orang, Dawood Talebi , Majid Barzkar, Majid Manami, Mohammad Bameri, Omar Bameri, Mehdi Poursheikhali.
The regime's chief of police in the city of Mahan was guned down a few days earliear.

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