Thursday, September 13, 2007

News in brief-
Several prisoners were transfered to Sanandaj prison!
Human rights activists in Iran:
According to a report, last night, Mr. Ali Heidarian and Mr.Farhad Vakili were transfered to the prison in Sanandaj.
Mr. Ali Heidarian, Mr. Farhad Vakili and Mr. Farzad Kamangar are sympatizars of an opposition group .They were arrested by the agents of the Ministry of Information in Tehran.
There is a possibility that Mr. Farzad Kamangar who was in the security cell number 209 in Evin prison was also transfered together with other two to the prison in Sanandaj.

In the meantime based on a news, Mr. Abdolreza Rajabi a political prisoner and a member of the MKO's situation is very critical and he must be allowed to be hospitalized outside the prison. He was arrested six years ago on the border by a military personnel and was wounded from the waist area by a grenade thrown by the Iranian forces.As a result of that six of his vertebral was smashed. Apparently the doctors repaired the vertebral and placed it back to his back. He is now suffering from the pain and the prison officials won't allow him to buy the painkiller.

Link to this news in Farsi:

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