Wednesday, November 28, 2007

News in brief-
Wed. November 28,2007
Journalist Reza Valizadeh is arrested!
The Association of Journalists : With a complaint from the office of president, Mr. Reza Valizadeh a Kurdish journalist and blogger from the city of Sanandaj is arrested by the agents from the judiciary power.He is charged with; creating unrest in public's mind .
Reza Valizadeh has a blog known as " Istgah" meaning (Station).In his blog he writes about literature and communications.Recently he wrote an article with a title " four dogs which worth 600 million Tuman gurd Ahmadinejad".
He reported that; four dogs and each cost 150 million Tuman were bought from Germany to protect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from explosives and bombs.Apparently everywhere he goes these dogs are brought earlier to search for explosive and bombs.
Link to this news in Farsi:

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