Friday, January 25, 2008

To all Human Rights organizations of the world and to the UNHRC
I can't become silent when i see the pain of the people of Iran and the families that have no one even the MP's dont listen to them. Daily physical and mental assualt on the families in Iran brings pain to the heart of every civilized people.Iran Watch Canada can report only a tiny portion of these vast violation of human rights in Iran. Here is another painful experience by a family:

Activists for Human Rights and Democracy in Iran:
A political prisoner on threshold of death !

According to the news Mr. Ali Asghar Nikbakht a 64 years old ,in the past has spent almost a year in "Golpayegan", "Bam" and "Isfahan" city prisons. During this period he has repeatedly been tortured. In the prison he was diagnosed with cancer , but the prison officials denied him medical attention until his illness worsened. Because of this situation, Mr. Nikbakht was allowed by the Ministry of Information to leave the prison temporarily for outside medical treatment.After leaving the prison , he attended to the hospital and was scheduled to undergo for three surgeries with the advice of doctors.While on his first surgery and the treatment for chimotherapy thereafter, his home was invaded by the agents from the Ministry of Information. A person by the name of "Badkhahi" the deputy to the head of the Ministry of Information in the city of Golpayegan lead the assault and Mr. Nikbakht was arrested again and first he was brought to the city jail and then the agents transfered him to the Isfahan city jail.

At present Mr. Nikbakht's health situation is very bad and the doctors have adviced his son Mr. Mohammad Nikbakht that because of high infection in his blood, he will be living only between 3-6 months.Currently he is in Isfahan prison and can't do his daily personal care and only with the help of his son and other prisoners he is able to maintain his daily care.

The Activists for Human Rights and Democracy in Iran condemn Mr. Nikbakht's arrest and imprisonment who is very ill and going to die in the prison. The AHRDI is requesting all human rights organizations to help save the life of Mr. Nikbakht.

Activists for Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.
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