Monday, March 17, 2008

News in brief-
By: Shahram Rafizadeh

Closure and license cancelation of nine publication in one day !
The weight of the control board over media .

The control board over media , just one day after election , in a communique announced the cancellation of the license permit of nine weekly and monthly publication including" Donyaye Tasvir" which was running the business for 17 years .
In a communique about " the cancellation of nine publications" which the media office of the Ministry of guidance has published in its website yesterday , the ministry has emphasized that " the decision for the cancellation of these nine weeklies and monthlies was decided in a session on March 10,2008.
According to the internal news agencies, the nine publications included three weeklies such as:
" Talash" , " Besoye Eftekhar" and " Nedaye Iran" as well as ; three bi-weeklies :
" Donyaye Tasvir" , " Havar" and " Sobhe Zendegi" plus three monthlies such as ;" Haft", "Shoka" and "Baznegari ".
the communique also emphasized that thirteen publications also received warning " to follow the by-law of the media and stick to the media mission" set out by the Ministry of Guidance.
During the last two years the license permit of 63 newspapers, weeklies,and monthlies have been cancelled by the media board of the Ministry of the Guidance.

In Year 2007, between 25-30 publication faced license cancellation.

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