Monday, April 14, 2008

News in brief-
Shirin Ebadi the Iranian lawyer, human rights defender and Noble Prize Winner has been threatened to death again !
Ahmadinejad's government follows the policy of threat , intimidation, suppression, prison and death , which might cause national uprising in the year of strike and protest!
According to the report, she wrote a letter to Iran's chief of police force and demanded for judiciary follow up to the problem she face.
On April 3,2008 , while entering to her office , she saw a note with the following content:
" Shirin Ebadi, your death is near" .
In her letter to Chief of police force, she added:
"Threat against my life and security as well as my family which had started long time ago , had recently been intensified".
She includeded copies of three threatening letter to chief of police force . She mentioned that; "I don't have problem with anybody and in my work as a lawyer , i do work free of charge for those who's rights has been violated, therefore , those who wish for my death are having problem with my thoughts and bliefs."
One of the threatening letter which was signed by the "Association of Anti-Bahai" read as follow:
" Mrs. Shirin Ebadi, we have told you to leave your anti-Islamic coinciding with Bahai behavior, but you chose to continue to dance with foriegners and Bahai's and you have thought your daughter to do the same , we will kill her , that's for you to know, pay attention. "

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