Monday, August 25, 2008

Major violators of the human rights in Iran!

The political structure of the Islamic Republic in Iran :

As in the picture-

Leader of the Islamic Republic: In the middle - Seyed Ali Khameneei ( Act as the successor to khomeini)

Right side of the leader : Hashemi Rafsanjani acting as the head of the "Khebregane rahbary" ( Assembly of experts) and head of the " Tashkhise Maslehat" (expedience council )

Far right of the leader : Ali Larijani , the head of the Islamic Republic parliament

Left of the leader: Ahmadinejad , the president of the Islamic Republic

Far left of the leader: Hashemi Shahrudi the head of the Islamic Republic judiciary system

The head of the "shoraye Negahban " (Guidance council) Ahmad Jannati is absent here.

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