Wednesday, September 10, 2008

IRAN WATCH CANADA Talk of the Iranian people:
Recently this issue become the talk of the people in Iran. They believe most of the Islamic Republic officials have forged degrees from universities in Iran and around the world .

Oxford University's reaction towards Mr. Kordan's honorary doctorate degree:We are looking into Mr. Kordan's claime.
Mr. Kordan was recently appointed by Ahmadinejad as one of his cabinet minister. He was chosen as Interior Minister. Mr. Kordan for show off claimed that he has an honorary doctorate degree from Oxford, which later was found that he had a forged degree from Oxford University. According to the news other ministers and officials in the Islamic Republic also have forged degree.
In the past , Oxford University announced that; they do not have the name of Mr. Kordan as one of their honorary graduate . However, the Oxford University said that; If Mr. Kordan and his lawyer continue to claime and sent a request , the university will look into the matter.
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