Friday, November 21, 2008

Deputy public prosector of the country reported :
Five millions online site's are filtered in Iran!

Roozonline- Shervin Omidvar

Judiciary advisor of the country's public prosecutor has reported yesterday that five millions internet site are filtered . He said: the Islamic Republic officials called this as a preventive action.

Mr. Abdolsamad Khoramabadi said ; Most of these five million filtered internet site in Iran had immoral and anti-social content. "

This is the first time a judiciary official is announcing about filtering millions of internet site.

According to a report by IRNA the official Islamic Republic News Agency ; the judiciary advisor to country's public prosecutor requested for the formation of a cyber police.

Also the advisor to the public prosecutor of the country called internet more dangerous to satellite because of its ocean of information and easier than satellite to have these information which causes more social damages to the society. The judiciary officials do filter 1000 internet site Monthly. Since 2006 more than 10,000,000 internet site has been filtered said Mr. Esmail Rakani. He also reported about the filtering of 5,000,000 new internet site. The head of a committee which is know as “ Comite taeen Masadiq” is with the Ministry of Information and a representative from each of the following ministries including Ministry of Guidance , Radio and Television of the Islamic Republic , office of the Cultural Revolution, Islamic Propaganda Organization and Ministry of Communication are member of this committee. “ Comite Taeen Masadiq “ started its activity seven years ago by cultural revolutionary council . Despite of request for registration of blogs and websites and threat of imprisonment for violators by Ahmadinejad’s Government including this committee; only 850 blogs and website were registered which shows a big NO to the request.
In the past the regime has even threatened the critical bloggers and web writers to death.


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