Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mr. Abbas Amirentezam will possibly return to Evin prison !
Roozonline- Arash sigarchi
For not extending "the leave of absence from prison" by the court of revolution to Amirentezam, there is possibility that he may return to Evin prison again.Because of his health condition he used leave of absence from prison from time to time.
Mr. Amirentezam has confirmed the report if his leave of absence from prison not extended he may end up in Evin prison as early as this Friday.

Following the revolution and the establishment of provisional government of the Prime Minister Bazargan and as a member of National Front and by PM's appointment Mr. Amirentezam became the deputy of PM and then the spoksperson of the provisional Government and later the special representative in negotiation with US and USSR. He was also appointed as ambassador to the Scandinavian countries. But at that time the students invaded the US embassy and allegedly found documents connecting Mr. Amirentezam to US embassy officials . He was then called back to Iran and was arrested and sent to Evin prison and according to himself, he spent 555 days in solitary confinement. By resumption of Mr. Amirentezam's imprisonment ,next month will be his 29th years in Islamic Republic prison.He is the longest served prisoner of the Islamic Republic.
Because of long time imprisonment, Mr. Amirentezam's physical condition is in bad shape and need continues medical attention and treatment.
Currently he is one of the open critic of the Islamic Republic and in the past when Asadollah Lajvardi the Evin prison boss was gunned down, he called him " butcher " while the Islamic Republic officials including Mohammad Khatami called Lajvardi as a hero and martyr. When Lajvardi was the Evin prison boss ,thousands of political prisoners were murdered and buried secretly.


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