Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ayatollah Montazeri:
People of Iran , Not to keep silence and start protesting against the "Government of illegal organizations"!



Resa Ghazinejad

Ayatollah Montazeri One of the religious authority critical to the Islamic Republic, on the anniversary of the revolution once again asked the people of Iran not to keep silence and start protesting in every condition to the "Government of illegal organizations ".
On Monday the office of the Ayatollah Montazeri released a news that ;
The clerical court and the office of the Ministry of Information in the city of Najafabad put pressure on a clergy ( Mr.Gholamhossain Gheisari ) and as a result, the clergy to gether with a group of people met with Ayatollah Montazeri and Mr. Montazeri said:
" The people are the owner of the country , you can't deny all these principles that are in the constitution which are about the people's rights. You can't govern the people with illegal organizations."

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