Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another fake degree among Islamic Republic officials !

Shame is a good thing!
ILNA ( Iran Labor News Agency) : The fake doctorate degree of Rahimi , the parliamentary deputy of Ahmadinejad was confirmed by the Minister of Science.
Mr. Mohammad Reza Rahimi is parliamentary deputy of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Mr. Avaz Heidarpour MP from " Shahr Reza " in speaking with ILNA has said: " I had doubt about Mr. Rahimi's doctorate degree and because of that, i raised a question to Minister of Science on this regard and the Minister of science emphasized that according to a report by Mr. Abdollah Jasebi the president of Azad University the doctorate degree of Mr. Rahimi is fake and doesn't have any scientific foundation."
Mr. Heidarpour said: "Using and faking scientific titles for gaining higher position by some individuals, is to decieve the people and the officials, the parliament and the Government must confront with that."
For several years Mr. Rahimi with fake degree was member of the scientific board of the Azad University........

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