Monday, February 09, 2009

Yunes Mirhosaini student of law in Shiraz University went on hunger strike in Shiraz city prison!
Mr. Mirhosaini was arrested in front of his wife by security agents on Thursaday when the security agents attacked at his home, he was transfered to Shiraz prison , where three days later he went on hunger strike .
In the attack at his home, the agents took his personal belonging including his computer, books and his writings.
In the same day, the Ministry of Information agents also attacked at the home of Mr. Esmail Jalilvand another student and arrested him. The agents took the necklace of his wife with them while leaving the home.
Three days after the arrest of Mr. Mirhosaini , still his family members do not know his whereabout.
Before the arrest Mr. Mirhosaini have warned : If 72 hours after his arrest, him and his friend (Mr. Jalilvand) are not released and if all disciplinary case files of students of Shiraz University are not thrown away , he will go on hunger strike.
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