Sunday, March 29, 2009

Intense torture of an Azarbayejani activist !

Mr. Ramin Sadeghi is under intense pressure in detention centre of the Ministry of Information office in "Ardebil" city.
March 27,2009
Reliable sources have reported that: " Mr. Ramin Sadeghi Asl" one of civil rights activist of Azarbayejan in the city of Ardebil was arrested in his parent home on Feb. 5,2009 and upto now he is under intense torture and worse condition in detention centre of the Ministry of Information office in Ardebil city."

Mr. Mohammad Sadeghi the brother of this Azarbayejani activist after spending 17 days temporary imprisonment was released on a 30, 000,000 Tuman ( almost $30,000) bail on March 14,2009.

Earlier Mr. Ebrahim Sadeghi younger brother of both Ramin and Mohammad after spending two weeks in prison was released.
Meanwhile, according to a prisoner who was released recently from detention centre of the Ministry of Information office in Ardebil city told that; the agents have tortured Ramin and his brother Mohammad in a frightening way.

The interrogators have hanged them on one foot for several days and tortured them with a machine called " charkhe Falak" (merry- go round).
" Giving electric shock to sexual organ and other sensitive parts of the body , severe beating , lashing by cable, solitary confinement, keeping the prisoner awake at sleeping time and insulting and humiliating " are the tactics the interrogators use to take false confession from prisoners.
According to this reliable source , Sadeghi brothers under these severe physical and mental tortures were forced to say what they haven't done.

They have signed a confession which shows , together with three other Azarbayejani activists in "Moghan" ,they passed Aras river ( A border river between Iran and Republic of Azarbayjan ) and had close contact with foreign mercenaries in order to receive guidance for distribution of CD's and pamphlets in general to execute the movement of Azarbayjan.

They were also forced on false confession about other Azarbayejani activist including Mr. Abbas Lesani and his wife.
According to human rights defenders, it was agreed that Mr. Ramin Sadeghi would also be released before New Year ( Persian New Year, first day of spring , 20th of March) after the investigation by Ministry of Information.But when he attended the court in the city of Ardebil , he didn't approve the confession during interrogation which was added on his file. He announced " All these confession has been taken under intense physical and mental torture and has no validity." But Ardebil city prosecutor has ordered to return him to detention centre of the Ministry of Information office in "Ardebil" city for accepting the confession.
Ramin and his two brothers while in detention were deprived of lawyer and meeting with their family .
Mr. Ramin Sadeghi was arrested in the past on occassion such as " International Mother tongue Day(Feb. 20th) and was detained for a month and was released on bail.Amnesty International has called his case as prisoner of Conscience and demanded for his release.


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