Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Thursday more than 10 members of Campaign for One Million Signature and mother for peace has been arrested by Islamic Republic security agents !

Those arrested are:

Ms. Khadijeh Moghadam
Ms. Farkhondeh Ehtesabian
Ms. Delaram Ali
Ms. Leyla Nazari
Ms. Mahbubeh Karami
Mr. Ali Abdi
Mr. Amir Rashidi
Mr.Mohammad Shurab
Mr. Arash Nasirieghbali

They were on their way to the house of political prisoners family's including Zahra Baniyaghub's family ( the young medical student who have died mysteriousely in prison) to greet them for the New Year. They had agreed to meet in Sohrvardi St. at Seyed Khandan bridge in Tehran. They were arrested and were transferred to Nilufar police station.


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