Saturday, March 21, 2009

Centre for Human Rights Defenders in Iran protested to the arrest of family members gathered in front of Evin prison.
On Iranian New Years Day , families of the imprisoned students in Evin prison get together in front of the Evin prison to celeberate their New Year closer to their dear one, but several of these family members together with student activists were arrested by security agents and are detained.
So far, according to news these brave people have been arrested and detained by the security agents of the Islamic Republic:
1- The mother of imprisoned student Nariman Mostafavi
2- Mr.Mehdi Arabshahi
3-Mr. Milad Asadi -Central council member of " Daftare Tahkime Vahdat
4-Ms. Bahare Hedayat- Central council member of " Daftare Tahkime Vahdat"
5-Mr. Majid Dori - Student deprived from continuing his education in "Alameh University"
6-Mr. Said Faizollahzadeh- Deprived from continuing his education in " Alameh University"
7- The mother of Milad Asadi
8- Farid Hashemi -Central council member of " Tahkim Vahdat"
9- Amin Nazari - Central council member of " Tahkim Vahdat"
10- The security agents also in this event confiscated the plate number of Mr. Keyvan Samimi's car.
Mr. Samimi is secretary of the "Committee Following up the Arbiterary Arrests".
The security agents for dispersing the crowed in front of Evin prison used the tear gas.


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