Sunday, March 15, 2009

They need your help!
An open letter by the family of Mr. Anvar Hossain Panahi.
The wife and children of Mr. Anvar Hossain Panahi the political prisoner is sentenced to death, released a letter and asked the free willing people to help them.
March 8, 2009
Officials in the Government,
UN Human Rights Council
Human rights organizations

Everyone knows that our father Mr. Anvar Hossain Panahi is detained for 15 months without any reason. We do not know what has gone to him during these 15 months. We are not going to say what went on us in this 15 months, It is 15 months that we have tolerated the pain of not having the husband and father around us. His absence has become great sorrow for us. It is 15 months that his loneliness and absence brought sorrow for us. We have spent the cold & dark days of 15 months pain without having heard from him. 15 months that we have experience and feel him from behind the prison cell. 15 months that we have been deprived from a very kind husband and father. In this side of the cold and tall wall as tall as the sky, we are waiting for his release and him on the other side of the short, violent and merciless wall seeing us in his dreams.15 months of hot discussion in our house and the neighbors house is about prison, bread winner in the family, not knowing what is going on and hopelessness about his release and freedom.15 months in these kind of childhood, while other children with the same age are heading home and meeting their mother and fathers, but us, with an expecting eyes , depressing face and heart broken getting back home with a hope of meeting our father everyday and the disappointment or not knowing about him is like a poke on our head. We wish no one could ever deprive from the love and affection of their father.
This hard and killing expectation not only ended to more hopelessness on July 13, 2008 but made the atmosphere in our little depressing house much bitter. This was when the court of revolution in Sanandaj city announced our father was charged with “ Maharebeh” ( fight with Islam) and sentenced to death and everyone says that, the sentence was handed to him……

The last support person we had was Mr. Ashraf Hossain Panahi (The brother of our father and our uncle), who could follow up and bring the voice of our father to the public and high ranking officials, on the night of August 27,2008, while carrying 5000 signature from the people of our region and was on his way to Tehran to meet the lawyer , he was hit by a car at the side of the road in our village by an unidentified man and died and our only hope like a light turned off. Yes, we are powerless and there are no help. …….
Hoping for the release of all political prisoners.

Signed by:
Susan Hossain Panahi –Wife
Mahtab –Daughter
Milad- Son
Mahshid – Daughter


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