Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shirin Ebadi in speaking with a German newspaper: We are not going to attend in an undemocratic election!
Madam Ebadi told to the newspaper that they are not going to participate in the coming presidential election on June.
She has protested to the system of election in Iran and said: "Until the Guardian council is deciding on the competency of candidates , we are not going to participate in the election."
In her view the election in Iran is not free, because according to her the the gurdian council is the main obstacle for a free election.
In response to a question , why do you boycotting the election , she said:
"The probelm is to stand on principle. These principle is very important for us. If it is the people to participate in the election, they must have the freedom to choose.In Iran but it isn't this way and the competency of candidates who are not even peoples candidate must be first approved by the gurdian council. For this reason until the gurdian council is looking after the competency of candidates , we won't participate in election."
She said: This doesn't mean i'm telling the people not to participate in the election.
She added: Some people believe they must participate in election and between "bad and worse" to choose one. She said: In her opinion this idea is correct, but she has chosen not to participate in the election.
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