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Ms. Alieh Eghdamdoost talking through phone line from inside the prison: I’m a woman, a worker and a teacher!
She contacted from Nesvan ward in Evin prison.
The feminist School took the opportunity and interviewed her, here is the interview:

What year did you born and where?
July 23, 1953 , in the city of “Fuman”

You were a teacher one day and you were teaching in high school , but you were expelled from Ministry of Education , is this right?

Yes , it is correct, i was cleared from Ministry of Education in 1980

What subjects were you teaching?
Different subjects, from mathematics to history and physical education

Where were you teaching? Was it in your birth place or....?
For a while in the city of Fuman, my home town and also for sometimes in district number 10- Ministry of Education in Tehran and another time i taught in “Hadaf” girl high school , this was when madam Melina Malkumian was the owner, at the time i was teaching sociology.

What did you study while in university?
I have received Bachelor of Science in history from Tehran University. I could because of my grade enroll in medicine. Because at that time my IQ and talent grade was 99.2% and I was top student in class. But because i have no tolerance looking at dead bodies and basically I'm soft hearted , I decided not to get in medical studies.

What year did you finished your study from university?
I think it was 1974. But later i continued my education and in 1997 i finished my master in industrial management (production).

How many brother and sister do you have?
We were seven sisters and three brothers. But now we are four sisters and one brother. The rest have past away and I’m the youngest in the family, for this reason my sisters and brother all are in higher age and are very old.

Since when you become sensitive with women’s issues?

The women issues aren’t separate from Iranian people’s issues, but in laws, women are really being discriminated. Since I was a child and teen by reading the works of “ John Steinbeck” I become familiar with dictions such as inequality , poverty and discrimination and that’s why always poverty , injustice and discrimination was very important and sensitive issues for me. Since childhood the existence of inequality was bothering me and it was very bitter. While I was getting older I could see women like men are working but because of the existence of discrimination laws over our society, women were suffering more from inequality and it was effecting on their lives.


Did you ever think that there might be clashes in “ Hafte Tir “ square gathering and you may be arrested?
See, It wasn’t problem for me, because it was all about the rights of women and I had six years imprisonment in the past.

Alieh , on what issues in your case file do you protest?

I remember in investigation process, they have inserted two blue color placards in my court file and they were saying they took those placards from me, while I never had any placards , that means, I participated in that gathering without placards. In the court later on, I saw those placards weren’t blue and instead there was the white one. I announce here that, I was protesting to legal discriminations (which was in fact written on those placards), that’s why I joined the gathering, but specifically these placards that they have inserted in my case file, wasn’t in my hand and my protest is that, according to law , they shouldn’t add or remove anything in my file, and this in my opinion is the violation of law. At the same time , I reject any charges against me, because according to article 27 of constitution, that gathering and every gathering which dealt with the rights of women, teachers and workers , I have every right to participate, because , first of all I’m woman, and then I was a teacher and at a time representative of teachers and also in a period I worked in Mazda company. Therefore, I’m a woman, a teacher and a worker. So, according to law I can participate in those gathering for my union rights and I don’t find it violating the law .


Translation of this interview was reduced .IRAN WATCH CANADA


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