Sunday, March 01, 2009

Iranian society has entered into new and dangerous stage!
Recently the " Centre for Human Rights Defenders " warned that based on specialists there are more than 10- 15 millions Iranian living below the poverty line in a rich country like Iran.

Economic crisis is growing bigger in a country like Iran where its income /budget depends on oil revenue. factory closure in recent months has increased and in one example the closure of a cooking oil factory ( Mojtameh Kesht o Sanat- north of Iran )1200 workers lost their job. It has been for months that the workers of " Haft Tapeh" in south of Iran continuously protesting against the policy of Islamic Republic for not responding to their demands.

The inflation in Iran has reached to 26% .

Mr. Hossain Raghfar an expert in economic have told repoter that , based on information from Iran Statistic Centre which does not have much quality, the poverty line of income is about 780 - 800 thousands Tuman ( close to $800 ).

Again, ILNA has reported that, the general secretary for "ending poverty" a division in Ministry of Welfare has announced : "09 Millions needy will receive food stamps ."

And again , in recent weeks many Iranian for different reasons but mostly because of poverty and losing their job put themselves on fire and burned themselves to death in public places.

And for many many other reasons , Iranian society has entered into new stage. A stage which might burn the whole Iran with Islamic Republic all together.

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