Thursday, February 26, 2009

IRAN WATCH CANADA as a resource centre on human rights issues in Iran!

IRAN WATCH CANADA is one of the solid and persistent documentation centre for violation of human rights in Iran since September 2004.
IRAN WATCH CANADA intend to raise international awareness and support for human rights defenders inside Iran.
These documents can be used in international conferences as well as in UN human rights council and Iranian individual who's human rights has been violated by the Islamic Republic.
One of the purpose of IRAN WATCH CANADA is to translate the news reports on violation of human rights in Iran from Farsi language to English for international readers. For knowing what has been going on in Iran and what is the situation of human rights in Iran IRAN WATCH CANADA could be a help to better understand Islamic Republic policy towards its citizen's human rights.
For sure what has been documented in IRAN WATCH CANADA is not the whole situation which has happened or is happening in Iran by the Islamic Republic but it is at least the tip of the iceberg in Iran.
IRAN WATCH CANADA has no intention to show just the dark side of the Islamic Republic, but because there are no bright side of Islamic Republic when it comes to human rights situation.
IRAN WATCH CANADA is a resource centre for international agencies or international none Governmental Organizations (NGO's).

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