Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Seven polytechnic students are on hunger strike and their lives are in danger !
For 10 days after the arrest, their was no news about them.
Amirkabir newsletter ( Khabarnameh Amirkabir):
12 days after the arrest of polytechnic students together with three others , there are news that these students are on hunger strike in ward number 240 ( a solitary confinement) in Evin prison.
These students are detained close to two weeks now, and according to the father of one of the student who was able to meet his son ( Mr. Korosh Daneshyar) , the students are on hunger strike and their health is in poor condition.
our of these students are:
Mr. Majid Tavakoli ( He is on dry hunger strike , meaning no water , no food)
Mr. Hossain Terkashvand , he is secretary of the Islamic Association in Amirkabir University
Mr. Esmail Salmanpour
Mr. Korosh Daneshyar

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