Monday, February 16, 2009

This morning Mr. Javad Alizadeh a human rights activist was transfered to division number 4 of public prosecutors office in Sanandaj city for investigation.
When asked by prosecutor what was his religion, Mr. Alizadeh stopped answering and he believed the question was inquisition and because of not answering the question , prosecutor wrote the word religiousless.
He also didn't answer to other questions and said: answering these questions depends on dealing with my complaint about the security officers, the officer and agents in charge of the Ministry of Information detention centre.
Mr. Javad Alizadeh believes; the officer and agents treat him badly and tortured him. He has been arrested without subpoena,those who have arrested him didn't show their ID's , The agents identity was unkown and at the time of arrest he was beaten and these are the foremost violation of human rights in this case file.
When this human rights activist told to his interrogator that he would make a complaint against them , he was beaten for a long time by the officer and agents, and as a result of this, his hand , back and neck vertebral was seriousely damaged and his head injury which was happened earlier in Naja detention centre got worse.
Mr. Alizadeh said; while he was in detention centre he was blind folded and the guard throw him down by the stairs and also throw him to the wall and repeatedly used obscene words against him.
Mr. Javad Alizadeh is a student of higher education on human rights from Alameh University in Tehran , he was expelled from school when he spoke at the anniversay of Mr. Ebrahim Lotfolahi's grave site. He was arrested by security forces and spent 21 days in Naja detention centre and also in Ministry of Information office in Sanandaj city. He is accused of " propagating against the state" and " organizing an illegal gathering". At present he is in Sanandaj city central prison.
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