Monday, February 23, 2009

ILNA has reported ; the general secretary for "ending poverty" a division within Ministry of Welfare has announced:
Nine Millions needy will receive food stamps !
The general secretary for ending poverty have annonced : Nine millions needy have been identified and from February 28 , 2009 in Tehran and February 30th in all over Iran will receive food stamp from Ministry of Welfare.This food stamp worth 36000 Tuman ( equal $ 36 dollar ).
While there are 9 Millions needy (according to Ministry of Welfare) in a rich country like Iran, in an audit conducted by parliament the government of Ahmadinejad came 1 billions and 46 millions dollar short in budget.Where did all that money go?
9 million needy!?, while the government had an income of more than 200 billion dollar just from oil.

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