Saturday, February 21, 2009

UN must send a delegation to Iran to monitor the situation of religious minorities in Iran!
Islamic Republic in Iran must allow the UN delegation to visit Iran for monitoring the situation of religious minorities!
In recent years the policies of the Islamic Republic towards religious minorities have become unbearable for them to continue to live a normal life in Iran. These communities are under continues harrasment and discrimination. Even their cemeteries and deads are not in peace.A look into recent years newspapers and reports indicate the tip of the iceberg of problems these minority families face in Islamic Republic.This must be stopped immediately.
Here the picture shows a praying / gathering place of " Dravish Gonabadi" in Isfahan which was destroyed by Islamic Republic forces on last Wednesday.
Because of all these pressure the " Dravish Gonabadi's " decided to protest today Saturday Feb. 21/ 2009 in front of the parliament in Baharestan square in Tehran.
IRAN WATCH CANADA condemns Islamic Republic in Iran for continues violation of human rights.


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