Saturday, February 28, 2009

Islamic Republic is affaraid of students movement!
Picture : Mr. AlirezaDawoodi

14 days has past since the arrest of Mr. Alireza Dawoodi and 08 days since the arrest of Mr. Bahman Khodadadi.
According to a report by "Human Rights Activist's in Iran " , in a short visit by family members with Mr. Dawoodi, his health situation said to be very critical . The time of this visitation was less than two minuets and right after he was transferred to solitary confinement. This visitation was held in prison courtyard. In this visitation Mr. Dawoodi was held standing by one of prison guard and his face and head had sign of injuries and was dark bluish and hardly could speak. In this situation the family members were in shock.

Mr. Bahman Khodadadi is mysteriously disappeared since February 17, 2009 and there is no news about him. In the beginning the Ministry of Information officials denied any wrong doing on this case but the search of Mr. khodadadi’s home by agents of Ministry of Information made it certain that he has been arrested and is detained by the ministry. Up to now he had no contact with his family members.

Eight human rights activist students of Isfahan University were summoned to disciplinary committee. These students are:

1-Ms. Mojdeh Samaei , Ms. Neda Asadi are deprived of one term schooling and banned from entering into university.

2- Ms. Narges Sharifi, Ms. Zoya Shokuhi and Mr. Hosain Sarshumi each were reprimanded .

3-Mr. Alireza Dawoodi ,Mr. Maziar Masumi ,Mr. Arsalan Sadeghi are deprived of two terms schooling and banned from entering in to the campus.
4-In addition Maziyar Masumi and Arsalan Sadeghi were detained for 18 days. Mr. Hosain Sarshumi was detained for 12 days and Neda Asadi and Habibeh Alaei were detained for 8 days.


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