Saturday, February 28, 2009

More than 1000,000 strong teachers must stand behind their colleague Farzad Kamangar !
Once again all in allert against the Islamic Republic decision to carry out the death sentence of Farzad Kamangar who is now in Evin prison!

Farzad Kamangar the Kurdish teacher is under pressure again in Evin prison and its been five days the regime under pressure repeadedly asking him to write his will and every time they ask him that he is going to be executed the next morning. after learning this , his mother and people of Kamiaran city have announced that if this happens they would burn themselves to death. Since last Monday Farzad was transfered to ward number 240 in Evin prison. This transfer happened without informing him, his lawyer and his family and until now his lawyer is unaware of his situation.

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Human Rights activists in Iran


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