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Shocking Observations of a Political Prisoner of Brutal Torture Scene of a Prisoner

By the Name of Freedom Creator

Today I witnessed the most brutal, inhumane, immoral, and malicious image in my life with my own eyes for which I am prepared to testify in any court even it costs my life.

Today I saw with my own eyes that one of the guard officers by the name of Mohsen Khaki brought a large blond prisoner who had shaved his beard to the protection centre of the prison. Prisoner’s hands and legs were shaking so badly. I was hearing his solicitation and lamentation. Since I had to be in the protection centre, I, along with two other prisoners was able to witness this incident.

Supposedly, guards wanted three of us to see the whole incident and learn lesson from it.

First, Mr. Kermani, head of the protection centre started beating up the prisoner with a nightstick. With a plastic nightstick in each one’s hand, four guards along with Mohsen Khaki started beating up the prisoner. The prisoner was soliciting and crying. Apparently his crime was involvement in a small scale drug dealing issue. Regardless of his crime, I do not believe that he deserved that kind of terrible torture. While he was receiving punches and kicks, the young prisoner was nailed down. He was screaming, soliciting, and lamenting.

That much torture did not satisfy Kermani, head of the protection centre who was extremely furious. He rushed to another room and brought two electrical nightsticks and asked soldiers to stay aside. He gave the second nightstick to Mohsen Khaki. They both started beating up the young prisoner. Prisoner was crying, holding Mohsen Khaki and Kermani’s feet, and begging for mercy. Due to excessive beating, he lost his control. He was crying and begging continuously.

At the end, Kermani forced him to lick his shoes. This incident took a long time.

Behruz Javid Tehrani
The only Remaining Prisoner from Student’s Revolt, 18 Teer, 1378 (1999)

*Translated by a colleague.


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