Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Warning for those Iranian opposition (dissidents) travelling to Syria!

Warning for members of Peoples Mojahedin of Iran living in Iraq.

According to news Mr. Abdollah Mansori a human rights activist from Khuzestan province and a defender of the rights of Iranian -Arab of Khuzestan who had double citizenship of Iran - Netherland was arrested in Syria and deported to Iran!

According to a report on February 24 ,2009 from "Netherland Radio International" Mr. Mansori travelled to Syria for visit but was arrested and transferred to Iranian officials. This arrest happened with the request of Islamic Republic officials. Mr. Mansori was travelling with his Netherland passport and there was no political agenda in his travel. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Netherland is currently looking into the case and Islamic Republic does not allow Netherland lawyers to defend one of its citizens. The Islamic Republic does not recognize Mr. Mansori’s passport and believe that he is an Iranian citizen. Mr. Mansori was sentenced by Islamic Republic judiciary to 30 years imprisonment.

Amnesty International also reported on August 11, 2006 that Mr. Mansori isn’t the only one who have been arrested , there are other Arab –Iranian youth who have been arrested including:
Rasul Mazreeh , Taher Mazreeh, Jamal Abdavi, Musa Savari and three students namely: Ahmad abduljalber Abit, Jamal Abidi and Isa Musavi. Three of these people have been released but the rest are still in prison.

The Iran-Arab people of Khuzestan are angry from Syrian regime for these arrests and transferring them to Islamic Republic officials.


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