Friday, March 06, 2009

UN human rights council must send a delegate to investigate Islamic Republic prisoners in Rejaei Shahr and Evin prisons !

Death of another political prisoner in prison!
The death of Mr. Amir Hossain Heshmat Saran was confirmed by his family. Mr. Heshmat Saran who was in his 5th year out of 16 years imprisonment , because of brain hemorrhage was transfered to "Rejaei Shahr" hospital and this morning passed away. During last two years two other prisoners in same or other circumstances died while in prison and none of either judiciary or prison official respond to this situation.
Mr. Amir Saran was arrested on 2003 for allegedly forming a group known as " National united front " and was sentenced by Karaj city court of revolution to eight years imprisonment. Earlier he was also sentenced by another court to eight years for his participation to a protest gathering in front of Hotel Laleh in Tehran , which collectively become 16 years imprisonment.
During all this five years, this political prisoner had only one leave of absence from prison which ended by agents arresting him at his home and transferring him to prison. At that time he said: "Because he is not guilty , he does not wish to return to prison."
The judiciary power and prison officials of the Islamic Republic are responsible for his death. Because according to his lawyer Mr. Mohammad Reza Faghihi , Mr. Saran was suffering from heart illness,and needed to be transferred to a hospital outside of prison


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