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English Blogestan Archives-Political, Social, Religious, and Economic Issues
A-Musing in Transition
This blog focuses on Iranian politics, with a special emphasis on human rights. It includes videos and photos from Iran, as well as links to various websites that promote human rights and democracy in Iran.
Khatami Mania
Khatami Mania is dedicated to the former president of Iran. It is a non-profit, unofficial, and personal blog that includes news and reports related to Khatami.
…was born in 1981
Golrokh is an Iranian reformist and blogger based in Iran. Her blog is fairly new, yet full of creative, artistic, and poetic entries about current affairs.
Tehran BureauTehran Bureau is a source for analytical news coverage of Iranian politics. In addition to its personalized news coverage, this blog links articles from various news sources including the Associated Press.
Iran Watch Canada Iran Watch Canada monitors daily news about media, journalists, and human rights. The author of this blog, Morteza Abdolalian, is based in Ontario, Canada.
Is This Ta’arof? This is a blog about Iran, Syria and the Middle East, politics, Persian and Arabic poetry, literature and culture, internationalism, international solidarity, and other tenuously related subjects.

This is the official blog of the National Iranian American Council. It provides insights, political analyses, and news for policymakers and Iranian-Americans alike.
News From Iran
“News from Iran” posts daily media content from Iran. The mission of the site is to provide objective media coverage originating from Iranian sources.

Thought TherapyThis Iranian American’s blog focuses on social issues, spirituality, politics, and more.
Iranian Freedom
Iranian Freedom seeks to serve as a conduit for Iranian dissidents inside and outside Iran and from across the political spectrum.
Co-authored by Amir Farshad Ebrahimi, a freelance journalist born in Tehran, and online journalist Carolin Pubinson, this blog covers Iranian politics, pop culture, art, and human rights.
Pictures from Iran and Israel Too Pictures from Iran and Israel Too is a blog that provides visual information to the Iranian and Israeli populations with the hopes of eliminating some of the misunderstandings that exist between two countries.
Jahanshah Rashidian
This blog provides extremely well-written and insightful commentary on current Iranian politics and foreign affairs.
Iran Affairs
Hosted by Cyrus Safdari, Iran Affairs is a foreign-affairs focused blog specializing in Iranian politics, economics, and critique of the current U.S administration.
Omid Memarian
This frequently updated blog is a comprehensive source on Iran-focused political, social, and human rights events and news.
Ardeshir DolatThe focus of this blog is discussion of political, economic and cultural events in Iran within the context of secular, liberal democracy.
The International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran – IASWIThe International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran was formed in 2000 “to launch and organize collaborative international solidarity campaigns in support of workers’ rights and struggles in Iran.”
Iran News Blog
Ali Mostofi of Berkshire, United Kingdom, posts interesting articles daily revolving around Iranian news, culture, and politics. In the blog, he discusses his frustrations with both the Iranian government and Western media’s misrepresentation of the Iranian people.
For a democratic secular Iran. For peace and prosperity in the Middle East.Azarmehr is an active pro-democracy activist based in London, and blogs on his political beliefs which include democracy, secularism, nationalism, and meritocracy.
Another Irani Online Known simply as Niki, this new-to-Washington, DC, Persian blogger speaks her mind on how Iran is perceived abroad. Recent topics include blogging, activism, public opinion polls, and the news.
Faith Today
This well-organized blog by self-proclaimed journalist and UN secretary general-hopeful Kourosh Ziabari ventures into art, religion, politics, and sports, providing brief educational profiles on Iranian heavyweights, as well as political analysis and interviews.
Inside Iran
Jadi started her English blog in May 2006 when her Persian one was blocked in Iran. The Tehran native blogs are about freedom of expression, censorship, and internet filtering, but ventures into politics and the economy on occasion.
Iran Writes
Subtitled “thoughts on Iranian politics and culture,” Mina’s most recent blog posts switch between telling stories about the various literature she comes across and addressing the Islamic Republic’s leaders—using beautiful prose throughout.
Iranian Truth
This is a group blog edited by Nema Milaninia, the executive director of the Tehran-based publication, the International Studies Journal. His team of contributors include four Iranian-American students and recent graduates. Their posts on politics, activism, the media, and social issues are well written and consistently raise interesting questions.
Mehrangiz Kar
Mehrangiz Kar is an Iranian women’s and human rights activist, lawyer, and author. Her accolades include recognition as a Radcliffe Fellow at Harvard University’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Kennedy School of Government, a recipient of the National Endowment for Democracy’s Democracy award, and a Scholar at Risk for promoting academic freedom and defending scholars’ human rights.
Mohammad Ali Abtahi
Written by Mohammad Ali Abtahi, former President Mohammad Khatami’s vice president, this blog shows a unique insider perspective to the Iranian government—with some amazing photos to boot.
Narratives of Suffering This blog is written by "Hydra," and comments on world news, society, philosophy, and poetry--often employing satire along the way.
Opium and Saffron
A self-proclaimed casual observer of Iranian culture, history, and politics, “Lotf Ali” consistently posts very well-written and researched prose. Definitely worth checking out.
Under Underground At 23, Yasser recently graduated from Azad University with a degree in microbiology and his blog has already been blocked by his ISP. He writes a combination of his personal experiences and his opinions in response to various Iranian issues and foreign movies.
Uskowi on Iran In his blog, Nader Uskowi writes from an editorial and reporting perspective about nuclear and political issues in Iran today. This blog contains straightforward news and analysis that is especially useful for updates on Iran’s security situation if you don’t have time to wade through too much news.
Me Faith
The Middle East Interfaith Blogger Network is a forum for open dialogue that connects people across borders to the range of religions represented in the Middle East.
This Iran-focused blog is comprised of a collection of political and social news from Iran and includes updates on the human rights violations in Iran.
This blog contains the daily thoughts of an Iranian woman and her view on world affairs and issues concerning Iran.
Pedestrian consists of the blogger’s thought-provoking ramblings about life in Iran, and always includes photos and images with each post.
Iran Nuclear Watch
This blog is devoted to news, analysis, and resources relating to Iran’s nuclear program and US-Iran relations.
The Fellowship of Reconciliation
The Fellowship of Reconciliation is an interfaith organization that promotes active nonviolence as a means to replace violence, war, racism, and economic injustice.
Bazaar Dispatch
This blog highlights economic issues faced by Iranians and discusses Iran and US-Iran relations.
Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in IRAN
This blog is devoted to building an effective global campaign for peace and dialogue between Iran and the international community.

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