Monday, March 09, 2009

Islamic Republic in Iran by banning all peaceful means of expressing critical views and banning speaking on human rights, is leaving the women who are half of Iranian population to no other choice than pouring into the street one day and like a tsunami revolt against Islam & Islamic republic !

The celebration for International women's Day in Iran was banned by Islamic Republic.

The Government and security organizations didn't issue the permission for the organizers of this gathering.Yesterday Tehran City hall supported the government and cancelled the permission for the gathering on March eight the International Women's Day .The lawyers association and the Centre for Human Rights Defenders were helping the women to celeberate this event.

Mr. Mohammad Mostafaei the lawyer said: Two weeks ago we got a place for holding this event and applied for permission and received the permission , yesterday when we attended to the location found a note on the window, which was reading; this programe is cancelled because of the lack of permission. We attended to the office of the place and they have told us , for not having permission from governors office the event is cancelled. This lawyer said: "for holding an event, we usually take permission from city hall and not governor's office."

Since there was no place to hold the event and since wherever the women went , they were followed by the security agents , even coffee shops and parking lot of artists house ,as a result those women attended were gradually dispersed.



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